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“We Are Born Of Star Dust” by Reece Gates

We Are Born of Star Dust

 Guest-written by Reece Gates


Father Coyne is a full-time cosmologist in the Vatican. I watched a recorded video of a speech he gave and I was very impressed with his humble views and ideas. At first thought, you can’t help but wonder how a Jesuit can discuss the Big Bang Theory and religion in the same sitting, yet he does it very eloquently. From viewing this video I kind of suspect that Father Coyne is open-minded and believes that science and religion can converge; he believes that Darwinism and Christianity are compatible. After 28 years of service he was removed from his position as Chief Astronomer of the Vatican Observatory by Pope Benedict after repeatedly contradicting the Adam & Eve theory.

There was also another pastor at this event that was very excited about fighting global warming with science and lifestyle change as opposed to hope and prayer, not that I am against prayer at all. This particular pastor has been talking to all of his church patrons and other ministers to get them to influence  Christians to think green, which is good because that’s 100 million less people Obama does not have to persuade.  I was very surprised to hear these priests and ministers speak in this way because the book of revelation prophesies that some of the signs of the end of the world is that two-thirds (correct me if I’m wrong) of the ocean’s living creatures will die off. This extinction is predicted to happen by scientists as well because as the oceans warm, plankton die off. Plankton are the foundation and beginning of the food chain; without plankton the carnage begins. I would have thought that this would be good news for devout Christians as it is a sign that Jesus is coming soon. I was a little excited myself. But if it is a prophecy, why do they think they can now join the world in an effort to ward off global warming and stall the coming of Christ?  The extinction of many earth creatures is a major sign of the end times. As you can see, religious leaders are breaking from the dogma and are opening their minds to what science has to offer to creationism. Advancements in science are about to explode, we will all see breakthroughs in spirituality and religion as science leads the world into Einstein-like discoveries over the next 5 years.

There are two ingredients that make a universe fertile, one is its age and the other is how many stars are in it. For starters, Father Coyne scales our 14 billion year-old universe down to one year so that we can grasp the concept of how miniscule we really are in the age of the universe.

This is 14 billion years scaled down to one year starting with the Big Bang:

January, 1            The Big Bang

September 4th   The first life appears on earth

December 25th   Dinosaurs walk the earth

December 30th   Dinosaurs have all died

December 31st   2 minutes before midnight the first humans walk the earth

 2 seconds before now Jesus walked the earth

1 Second before now Galileo walked the earth


Galileo marks the beginning of scientific research. We have studied the universe for 1 second so far. Take all religions, God, Buddha, Mohammed, etc., and they have all been talking to us for 2 seconds, give or take a few milliseconds.

If religion and God have only been talking to us for 2 seconds out of a year, it would seem that we have a lot more learning and listening to do as we have only been studying the universe for 1 second and talking to God for 2 seconds. People walk around and think they have it all figured out, proclaiming that  this is the way things are, this is what happens when we die, and they managed to figure this all out in 2 seconds. We only use 2 to 3% of our brain’s potential and some of us are willing to put that 3% up against the 97% of the unknown universe and preach our thoughts with conviction and certainty. The entire bible, when put into perspective, is like one page in a much bigger book; it’s like God has only revealed a page or a chapter of a very large book for us to read, and then he encourages us to seek him out.

According to Father Coyne we are born of star dust, literally. The main point here is that the universe is very old and we are very young. If the universe was not old, we would not be here.  It is impossible for life to exist in a universe that is too young because it takes roughly 3 generations of stars in a galaxy to produce all the matter and elements needed to create the chemical reactions for organic materials.  After astronomers studied distant stars they found a pattern where galaxies need to be in the 12 billion year-old range before the galaxies have enough of the elements needed for life to spontaneously materialize.  

The chemicals H, C, N, and O repeat themselves everywhere in the universe: Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen. All that happens is that these molecules reorganize themselves in forever changing combinations that create organic materials such as our brain or DNA. You get these 4 elements together on a planet with the right environmental conditions and it is just a matter of time before they combine in such a manner as to spontaneously produce organic living materials. The problem is that we do not know how we made the jump from having the conditions for life, to actually living. I think this is where God plays his role in creating life, so I do not completely dismiss the idea of Adam & Eve, just not the King James version.  A link to the original video is below, his segment is about 20 minutes long and he explains in detail how organic materials come to be in the galaxy.

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