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in which I make a list

May 13, 2010

It’s the fifth consecutive gray rainy day in Kalamazoo, so it’s either start building an ark or entertain myself with utter silliness.

The incomparable Dorothy Parker wrote this caption for Vogue in 1916: Brevity is the soul of lingerie. Yes, she was absolutely marvellous (follow link for more quotes).

Not at all in the tradition of the venerable lady’s wit, I’ve come up with my own expanded list. My apologies to Ms. Parker and Mr. Shakespeare.

Other Things Brevity is the Soul of:

  • prison sentences
  • tax audits
  • open mic on Goth Night
  • Macarena dance-offs
  • accounting spreadsheets
  • DMV queues
  • any Michael Bolton song
  • conversations with salesmen
  • community college commencement speeches
  • Oompa Loompas
  • homework (contributed by David & Gabe)
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