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October 1, 2009

From :

  • “In Manila, millions of residents now live in a world of mud. Torrential rain over the weekend triggered the worst flooding the Philippines’ capital has seen in over four decades, submerging more than 80% of the city, killing at least 246 people and displacing hundreds of thousands more. By Tuesday, the water had receded in many places, but it left behind ruined homes and swept-away neighborhoods, and according to health officials, it disabled the majority of Manila’s medical facilities. Debris, sewage and abandoned vehicles that were tossed around by gushing currents now litter the notoriously polluted capital; aid workers warn of water-borne diseases. The government has placed the area around Manila under a state of public calamity.”

Just think of it: a month’s rainfall in a deluge lasting 9 hours, causing flash floods that reached as high as 20 feet; the Philippines’ worst tropical depression in 40 years. It will take some time to care for all the victims, recover from the damages, and rebuild the ravaged areas.

It will require a lot of help.

Useful sites for sending cash donations and relief goods:

Please help if you can.

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