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in which I delight in thinking about nothing

August 25, 2009

I grabbed the reading material closest to me as I waited for the boys to come home on Sunday, and it was last year’s 4/7 New Yorker with this wonderful article: Va Bene by Katherine Sirling.

L’Arte del Vivere con Lentezza (The Art of Living Slowly) is an organization founded by a Milanese couple, and the force behind a new holiday called Global Day of Slow Living. The events sound rather fun: reverse races where the last person wins, grandfathers reading poetry to children in main squares, speed-walking tickets, slowmandments, slow food, etc.

At this writing, the holiday has had a successful reception in Italy, New York, and Tokyo. You can check out the Slow Living website here.

I suspect the organization itself is still quite small and in need of more people to catch on, but it’s a great idea. So few of us linger, dawdle, and look in awe at simple things these days.

Slowmandment # 7:  Avoid being so busy and full of work that you don’t have time for yourself and the delight of thinking about nothing.

As it happens, I am amazingly excellent at thinking about nothing!

Some random, jumbled thoughts without the excuse of belonging in a dream:

  1. I am equal parts Jane Eyre and Bertha Mason, but am allowed to be the “madwoman in the attic” only sparingly. Too bad, as my deranged laugh is much better than my quizzical eyebrow-raise, and I own no sensible shoes (either very flat with zero arch support, or wobbly teetering shoes).
  2. If I could have anything in the world for lunch right now, it would be Pinakbet :         It’s sad really, I’ve traveled and lived around the world, but my palate seems to have never left home. As a result, the only way to instantly ditch the extra pounds I’ve put on this summer is to move to the moon. My future home has only 1/6 the gravity of Earth. You do the math while I pick out slinky dresses.
  3. I wonder if the quote, “Every successful man is a woman’s behind” can really be attributed to Melanie Marquez at the height of her notorious career as mangler of English sentences… because it’s frickin’ brilliant!
  4. Things need not be insidious to grow on me. Case in point: not only am I now an avid Dr. Who fan, I’ve actually grown weirdly fond of David Tennant and his ridiculously overblown facial expressions. Thank you, geeky spawn *sigh*. My hands down, favorite episode so far is Blink: Time travel? Check. Scary stone angels? Check. Star-crossed lovers? Check. Tricky ending solution? Check… Sorry, dear readers, I didn’t stand a chance.
  5. I don’t think uttering the words “Ancora Imparo” (still I learn) when I’m in my 87th year and still making mistakes will have the same awe-inspiring effect as when Michelangelo did it. But who knows, I might have something like the Sistine Chapel ceiling under my belt by then; stranger things have happened.

Et voila! This “slow living” business is easy as pie. You should try it sometime, let me know how well it works for you.

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