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thanks to YouTube-EDU, I is a college student again, but this time at Harvard and Yale

May 18, 2009

Well, as soon as I vowed to avoid YouTube due to the ridiculously high number of silly cat videos, they teamed up with Ivy League schools such as Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, to give the public free online access to their best lectures. Not surprisingly, I have not been able to successfully tear myself away from it long enough to do anything that can be remotely labeled “finished”.

Here is the link (also now under the Mnemosyne Putters widget), but consider yourself warned: 

Imagine watching UC Berkeley biologist/neuroanatomist, Marian Diamond’s, “brain-in-a-hatbox” lecture while sitting in front of your home computer, disheveled from the previous night’s drinking and still in your PJs. Absolute heaven 🙂

I can see entire weeks spent this way.

I’ve subscribed to MIT’s videos (naturellement) and am knee-deep in Calculus and a series of Aircraft Engineering lectures by an eye-patched, elderly professor.

See you again around Christmas!

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