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Oscar ’09, or Why is Sarah Jessica Parker in a bridal gown?

February 23, 2009

As per usual, fell asleep before the end of a late-night, overly commercial-speckled show.  But not before the hilarious Joaquin Pheonix Redux by Ben Stiller or the Pineapple Express Skit featuring the scruffy but hot Seth Rogen and James Franco doing a movie montage as their pothead personas.

I found myself totally coveting Anne Hathaway’s form-fitting mermaid dress and Hugh Jackman’s amazingly skilled footwork. I read somewhere that he was in a Broadway musical, but who knew Wolverine could sing and dance to beat Astaire?

It looks like another well-deserved Oscar for Sean Penn, this time for the excellently written “Milk”. I hope the well-placed mention of Prop 8 during his acceptance speech will get a lot of attention and re-thinking. 

I have yet to watch “The Reader” but I’m sure Kate Winslet did an admirable job, she’s come a long way since “Titanic”. If the book is any indication, the movie will not be one to miss.

All in all, an entertaining affair- the recession-friendly way the seats were broken up made for a less grand but more cozy feel to it. And the clothes were gorgeous…well, except for some minor ballgown missteps.

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  1. February 23, 2009 4:12 pm

    This year’s oscars were great!

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