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rain proves to be fodder for writing yet again, mostly because it forces you indoors

February 11, 2009

We have apparently skipped Valentine’s Day and gone directly to Spring here in Kalamazoo. It’s about 50 degrees and raining right now, which would be fantastic if it weren’t for the near-psychotic switch back to freezing that’s been happening a lot lately. I don’t fancy ice-skating around town in a 1997 Toyota 4Runner.

As I haven’t been keeping up with my plan to post something at least weekly by way of bullying my fingers back into the habit of writing and consequently finishing something of note to submit to various journals….

Here are some things that have transpired since my last post:

  •  Finished Middlesex which turned out okay but not as mind-blowing as expected
  • Cried while watching Barack Obama‘s inauguration (which could also have something to do with state of Aretha Franklin’s hat)
  • Laughed out loud during PBS’s Mark Twain Award ceremony for the immortal George Carlin (only he can distill the 10 commandments into 2 so efficiently and elegantly)
  • Helped decorate brother’s severely monastic new apartment by donating wall art and helpfully suggesting (amid protests) which walls they might specifically adorn
  • Got lazy over the weekend and made entire family subsist on frozen pizzas and soy nut butter sandwiches 
  • Found miniature bottles of Tabasco sauce at World Market which promptly added to miniature condiment collection
  • Realized that most useful and indispensable math concept in personal daily life is Ratio & Proportion (to wit: if son missed 6 out of a 75 question quiz, his percentage would be 69 x 100 / 75 )
  • Let both sons have a bath with pet Yorkie and cleaned up the soapy flood that ensued  

Not much considering all the goings-on in the rest of the known universe. The stimulus package might finally push through and a lot of nothing was heard from Geithner about his plans as new Treasury Secretary. Oh, and an extremely misguided woman decided to have octoplets having already had 6 kids while on the dole.

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